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SYLA is a new brand whose philosophy is much deeper than just selling gift boxes.

We are from Ukraine

SYLA (Ukrainian) –  power, force, strength.

About wood we use Best

The creation of our wooden boxes is a very a long and complicated process. We use selected Carpathian wood, namely Larch or Larix. It is called exotic among conifers. Trees can reach 50 m in height and be 300-400 years old. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most frost-resistant tree. It is believed that larches can withstand temperatures down to -65°C. This tree loves light. The larch's dependence on sunlight is so great that the growth of the tree stops at night. Larch wood is extremely strong and durable. It is not afraid of beetles-sharpeners, it is characterized by great flexibility and elasticity. Over time, the larch wood seems to petrify and becomes stronger, in addition, the color gradually changes - it becomes more and more beautiful.

Your mistakes are your SYLA! Trees stand stronger on crooked roots.
''All things and actions that exist in nature are perfect'' Baruch Spinoza
Dates are the food of the poor, the delicacy of the rich, the food supply of the traveler and the one who left his native land.
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